Saturday, April 5, 2008

How Many Topics Should a Blog Cover?

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Suzie has a post up on her blog which asks a question that many bloggers ask - often when they’ve started a personal blog and want to take their blogging to a new level, particularly in their quest to make money blogging.

The question revolves around how many topics their blog should cover and whether they should have a ‘niche focus’.

Susie writes:
“I also hear focus your blog on one topic. That has been my stumbling block. I want this blog to focus on the Law of Attraction in Action, AND I want to write about lots of other things that I am passionate about, including cooking, blogging, making money online, my art, people and causes, to mention a few.”

There’s some good conversation going on around this topic on her post and I’ve added a 6 point comment of my own there which I’ll point you to rather than simply rehashing it all again here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic though and would encourage you to head to Suzie’s blog to continue the conversation there (shutting comments here as I don’t want to hijack the conversation).

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