Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blogging is not a Lazy Man’s Job!

-By Mahavir. S. Chavan

When the news about the bloggers who make a lot of money is published in the news papers and newsmagazines, many people wish to become a blogger. Most of such people think that blogging is an easy business. So they try it and in few days realize that it is not an easy business.

First of all things to remember is that blogging is not a lazy man’s business.

There must be consistency in posting new articles. If you are not able to write at least 4 articles per week, forget about becoming a successful blogger.

Another important thing is your writing skill. If you have a lot of and up to date knowledge in the subjects under your niche, and if you can write articles based on the knowledge and information you have in easy and well understood language, then people would like to visit your blog to read your articles. ButIt is said that writing in easy language is not easy!

If you are in blogging just for money, the chances of getting success are very less. You will waste your time in checking your earnings instead of writing new articles. You will find soon that you are earning very less than your expectations and you will leave this business.

On the other hand if you are in blogging to share your knowledge, the chances of success are more. If expressing yourself is your need, you will concentrate on writing articles and posting them regularly. This will attract more traffic to your blog.

A Blogger has to know about a lot of technical things, without which he can not achieve his goals. This includes basic knowledge of computers, internet, typing, Text Editors, HTML, blog/website designing and much more. He doesn’t need to be a Master of all things, but he must be at least student of such things.

Many people think that blogging is a business without investment. But remember that blogging needs a computer with internet connection, lot of reference books, subscribing magazines and newspapers and even if you are working from your home, you have to pay the electricity bill and to spend on maintenance of your computer. Isn’t it an investment?

So if you have the required qualities for a Blogger, and if you are not a lazy man, go on! There are plenty of bloggers who would like to guide you!

© M. S. Chavan

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