Thursday, February 7, 2008

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Successful Blogging

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Successful Blogging
-By: M.S. Chavan

To become a successful blogger, you must know and apply some basic things. Following tips is a guideline for beginners.

1. The most important thing in successful blogging is the number of posts on the blog. You must write at least 4 times per week on your blog. This will give you more visitors.

2. In each post, the size of content is very important. Do not post articles with just 2-3 lines. Each of your article must contain at least 15 lines.

3. Stay away from copy paste work. No one will visit your blog to read what is already available on other websites and blogs. Moreover, copying other writers' articles is unethical and illegal.

4. You should submit your blog to all major search engines and blog directories. This is the main source for people to know about your blog.

5. Make your blog interactive by putting polls, comment box etc. on it. Many Visitors like to leave comments and take part in the polls.

6. Put links to all your posts in the blog at sidebar. The visitors like to see what are the other posts there.

7. Put an internal search engine on your blog.

8. Be specific and write in easy language. People like read to read articles having these qualities.

9. You should learn about HTML, RSS, PHP and other things which are very useful in success of a blogger.

10. Always keep yourself up to date. This will give you new opportunities.

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