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Using PLR Content with Success

ProBlogger: Using PLR Content with Success

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Posted: 27 Aug 2011 07:07 AM PDT
This guest post is by Laurie Neumann of Internet Marketing PLR Content.
Being the co-owner of a PLR content business myself, it’s important that I believe in the product and the results it can bring. I have seen first-hand the benefit that using good quality PLR can produce. Let me share my personal experience with you.
Previously, I thought I had to write every word myself and keep it completely original. I did that, but the problem I ran into was that I was not able to produce as many products as I wanted to. It takes time to come up with a topic, do the research, write the document, and then prepare it to be sold.
I found some PLR offered by a successful internet marketer (who wishes to remain anonymous) on some topics that I thought my market would be interested in. So, I decided to give it a try. The result? Lots of sales!
With PLR you can still give it your voice, so no one even need know that you are using PLR unless you decide to disclose it for some reason. In fact, you are advised to do some editing to any PLR content you purchase so that it is different from others that are also using it, and so that it comes from you.
Some of the advantages that I found using PLR were:
  • The topic is already decided on (something that has always been a challenge to me).
  • The research has already been done for you, so you save a lot of time.
  • The writing is already done—you just need to do some editing and adding in some of your own examples/experiences.
  • With some PLR, the graphics or sales page may be included, saving you even more time. In my case, the sales page was included, which was a big help because I don’t consider myself a copywriter.
  • The PLR was organized into sections, so I had a ready-made outline to follow.
What was the real key to the PLR I used being successful? It was good quality writing and information, so I could really stand behind it and promote it. It wasn’t something that had been just thrown together by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about. It was written by someone who had done internet marketing for years and now was sharing some of their valuable information.
Another important element of the products being successful were that I spent a month blogging about the topic before introducing the product. So I had “warmed” up my readers to the topic and got them thinking about it, and had given some great information out during the month. Then, I began talking about the product I was working on that was soon to be released. I believe that really helped in the whole process, and I was able to produce the product rather quickly because I was using PLR.
Using PLR content can be a great way to produce some quality products or boost your numbers of blog readers. Whatever you are using it for, remember the key—get good quality PLR created by people who are actually in the niche they are writing about. I did, and benefited greatly from it.
Have you ever used PLR content? Tell us how it went in the comments.
Laurie Neumann is the co-owner of Internet Marketing PLR Content. The PLR is written by herself and Rhonda White, both whom have been internet marketers for over six years. They share the information they have gained in the PLR they write, so you can take it, use it, and benefit from it. You can try before you buy by signing up for their email list and getting ten FREE PLR articles. Visit internet marketing PLR to get yours!
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Using PLR Content with Success

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